2022 Annual Meeting   April 26-28, 2022

Thank you for making our 2022 Annual Meeting a success.   We appreciate your patience and your participation in our first all virtual meeting.

Some information about certificates and access to presentations can be found below.
Certificates are currently being sent out – and should you not receive them by Monday, May 16th, please check your spam/junk/quarantine folders prior to contacting Diana.

Certificates were issued based on registration and WebEx-captured attendance. A certificate was not issued if the time captured by WebEx was less than half the workshop time. If you did not get a certificate for a workshop you feel you attended, please contact Diana Williams (dianawwilliams@gmail.com) and she will look again at the records and either issue a certificate or explain why you did not receive one. If there is a typo, please email Diana for correction.
Attendance was captured by WebEx logins.

If multiple people shared a login, only the person who signed into the session was issued the certificate as we have no way of verifying who else was in attendance. You may also not have been issued a certificate if you did not log in with your full name and/or email and we were unable to verify your identity. If you can tell us how you logged in and we can verify that, we will issue you a certificate.

Finally, presentations that you were told were being shared can be accessed in two ways.  If you are a member, they will be added to the members area of the website under the heading “2022 Annual Meeting Presentations” by the end of May.   If you are a non-member, please contact the presenter directly for access to their presentation. We hope to see you in person at our 2023 meeting in Gulf Shores and/or our 2024 meeting in Chattanooga.

Your SAFS Board